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October 17th, 2012 Townhall Meeting regarding Pool Levy Measure (Video)
This event was filmed by SCAN-TV and is now posted on this website under Community Events Video Menu The purpose of the meeting is to share information about existing use of the pool, answer questions regarding pool operating costs, and discuss how the levy will address the funding needs for continued operation of a year-round pool. To review a list of frequently asked questions concerning the Pool Levy Measure, please click link to the right.

October 13th, 2012 City Council Candidates Speak at Silverton Palace Theater (Video)

On October 13th, City Council Candidates met a Palace Theater in Silverton, Oregon to make their case as towhy they should be elected. Take a look for yourself and decide.

October 12th, 2012 City Concil Candidates Speak at Silverton Hospital Lunch Forum (Video)Candidates for Silverton's City Council meet at Silverton Hospital to speak at a lunch forum to commuicate to the citizens of Silverton why they should be elected to the Silverton City Council
This Video was Filmed, Edited, and Produced by SCAN-TV

October 2nd, 2012
 One of the big changes this year was the addition of new personnel in supporting SCAN-TV and FOX SHSTV.
Please welcome Emily Stevens as the new Production Manager. She begin this year with both sleeves rolled up and ready to tackle all the many Production Events that will take place in this new year. As Production Manager Emily will manage the satudetn based video crew and scheduling of all City and District events that will be filmed. This ranges from City Council meetings all the way to Football games at SilvertonHigh School. She has approximately 15 studetents who, under her management and instrution, will sign up to film these events. We except to cover over 150 events this year with Emily's clear leadership. Also, on another note, we are very fortunate to have Abby Bennett back with us this year in her new position as our Program Manager. She is the person responsible for make sure all the hundreds and hundreds of video programs are scheduled to run at specific times through out the week. If you would like to have SCAN-TV broadcast a already recorded event - she is the person to talk to. She worked as our Production Manager last year while she was a senior at SHS and so she is vey familiar with any type fo situation that can come up in regards to video events. She is an amazing person and now that she is attending Chemeketa Community College we hope to have her work this entire school year and perhaps even into the next year. One more addition to our staff at SCAN-TV and SHSFoxTV that is really thrilling to annouce is Allison Newton. She will be working 1 day a week overseeing the Electronic Community Bulletin Board that we run on both SCAN and FOXTV. She volunteered all last year and worked with a crew of students to produce some outstanding slides. If you would like to run a slide advertising an event that you are involved in please feel free to contact Allison. She is very artistic and this year she hopes to help many people utilize the resource that SCAN-TV offers the community. With these 3 individuals as well as 20 or so high school students we hope to continue to offer the community of Silverton a unique and valuable resource. If you get in the neighborhood please stop by and take a look at what is happening at Silverton High School where all this media production and learning is taking place. I am a very lucky person to have such amazing students and staff to work with. Gary Marshall

June 7th, 2012 SCAN-TV setup it's broadcasting equipment in the gym of Silverton High School to capture and broadcast the 2012 Silverton High School graduation ceremony. Everything went as expepted. Due to the limited space in the gym, SCAN-TV setup the commons and the Theater a receive a live signal for folks to watch that otherwise did not have a seat in the gym. The project was headup up by Gary Marshall and along with the skills and talents of high schoool students he was able to broadcast the cermeny in its entirety on SCAN-TV. It is also important to know that it simultaniousy was video streameded as well on SCAN-TV's video stream services at and the Silveron High School video streaming server on .

If you would like a copy of the Graduation please contact Gary Marshall using the contact link on this webpage. Celebrataion of Cultures 4-2012 (Click here to see video) Silverton Together's goal for our "Celebration of Cultures" events and programs is to raise awareness of the diversity that lies not only within our own community but the global community as well, and to celebrate that diversity. Each year, we emphasize a varied range of programs that showcase various cultures through their food and arts, as well as through discussions, workshops and featured speakers who deal with both historical and current cultural issues. All aspects of the community - residents, students, businesses, and civic groups - participate in the planning and implementation of these events .

January 24th, 2012 
Currently the normal video links on this website are down. To view the current City Council Meeting and the Planning Commission Meeting Click on this link ->

November 22nd, 2011 Silverton High School Tonight with Aden Krueger - Silverton’s first talk show is coming this December 9th at 7 PM to a high school near you. Join host Aden Krueger in the Pine Street Auditorium as he entertains and interviews Mayor Stu Rasmussen and SACA Coordinator Dixon Bledsoe. Music performance by Oregon City band New Invasion and the SHS Mens’ A Capella Group. Donation of $5 or non-perishable food items are highly recommended. All proceeds go towards SACA and their continuing efforts to serve the community.

September 6th, 2011
 SCAN-TV is very fortunate to have two Senior Students at Silverton High School who are taking on the task of Program Manager and Production Manager. Abby Bennett will be SCAN's Production Manager and Eric Woodall is going to be the Program Manager.

September 6th, 2011 
Good news. I was able to restore the hard drive by replacing the controller with a good controller card. Now everything is back to normal and the programming guide matches what is actually broadcast. 
Gary Marshall

September 3rd, 2011
 Due to one of our program hard drives failing on Friday, September 2nd, some of the programing listed in the programming guide may not play. I will be back on Tuesday, Sept 6th, and will contact the technical department to resolve this problem. Thank you for your patience while we fix this problem.
Gary Marshall

March 1st, 2011 
Once again SCAN-TV filmed the 1st Citizen's Banguet last month and soon you can watch the event both on SCAN-TV and on this webpage. Eric Woodall and Maddox Pratt were the talented video crew that showed up early at the Oregon Gardens Pavillion to capture the "STARS" of our community. Once captured the video footage was downloaded onto one of Silverton High School's Multimedia computers and soon Abby Bennett will edit and transform the footage into video footage that many will enjoy for years. If you wish to get a copy of this event contact Gary Marshall at Cost is $10

November 8th, 2010 
If you would like to purchase a copy of any of the City or School Board meetings contact Gary Marshall and he
will provide a copy to you for only $5. Meetings are archived should you require a copy for the past 3 years.

October 14th, 2010
 SCAN-TV in partnership with PC Payne have added a new feature to SCAN-TV's website. By clicking on the VIDEO menu you soon will be able to watch Local Recorded events such as; City Council Meetings, School Board Meetings, Homer Davenport Parade, 1st Citizen Award Banquet, and many other interesting and valuable events. 

September 20, 2010
 Things here at SCAN-TV are as busy as can be. We completed more than 160 productions last year and 
this year plans to be even busier. 
To start off with the high school is now offering two classes of multimedia production and I have
about 12 students working with me through out the day. We have a few veteran students from last year but over all
many of the students are new and need to be trained. 
Gabriel Schroeder is our new Program Manager and he is fitting in very nicely. He is able to work on SCAN-TV
most everyday. 
Kirsten Barnes is the multimedia teacher at the high school and she has plenty of patience and skill in working with
high school students. I'm really happy that she is aboard. 
We are soon going to be filming the play "Oliver" put on my Center Stage Theater and as usual we will be filming
volleyball, basketball, football, and of course "Homecoming".
If you know of a worthy event happening in the Silverton area please contact me and let me know. Also if any of
you have any of your own videos that you have produced maybe you should think about SCAN-TV showing it off
to the world...... Gary Marshall 

January 23rd, 2010
 SCAN-TV is now broadcasting all the Girls and Boys Varsity Basketball games at home LIVE. Most of the
games occur on Tuesday and Friday night. See Program Guide for times. Also, it is important to note
that the students at Silverton High School do most of the work in producing these programs live.

October 1st, 2009
Do you have a great video that you would like to share with the Silverton Community? Do you want to
get a message out to the community? How about showing it on SCAN-TV. The cost is free and we
can show your video or put your slide on our community slideshow. Don't be shy, don't be timid. There is
a time to show off and this may be just that time. (Click on the contact menu to get our attention)

September 21st, 2009
 Fox/SCAN-TV is slowly but surely getting all its equipment up and running. We now have a video feed to the
Technology Department at the new high school and we can finally see if SCAN is actually running on its designated
channel 15. Most of the new high school is still without live cable and hopefully by the end of this week we
will see programming coming into the classrooms. Currently the Technology Department is running two cable
stations, one is 15 which is open to the public and the other channel is 11which will show exclusively within the
high school. We plan on utilizing the new TV studio to train students in the operations of producing a daily
show that will inform the staff and students of important news pertaining to the school. We will be using the TV Studio on Sept 22nd to film our first community show. Aaron Cressey has been 
producing for the last 9 months a great show called "Live from Silverton". On the show he interviews local citizens 
as well as other interesting folk from Porltand and other communities. The programs is then televised on a Salem
TV station as well as on SCAN. Check the program Guide on this webpage for when his show airs. We continue to actively look for volunteers so if you have some spare time on your hands and would love to 
work with multmedia please don't hesitate to give Gary Marshall a call at 503-873-6331.

August 18th, 2009 
All the equipment that runs SCAN-TV has now been moved to its new location at the New High School on Pine
street in Silverton. You can still reach SCAN-TV at 503-873-6331 ext 6348 or by calling Gary Marshall at

June 23rd, 2009
Thanks to Brett Milliken, SFSD's Network Manager, SCAN-TV is now back on the internet. We are are looking at
returning the programming schedule to the internet as well. Hang on, it soon will be available once again. 
Also, we have been experiencing the sound dropping to "slow speed" and we are looking into coming up with a
solution for that as well. Any other problems please let me know, Gary Marshall at

June 17th, 2009
 SCAN-TV is in the process of moving its location to the New High School at Pine Street. While we complete this move
you will not be able to access Channel 15 on the internet. Please be patient, this is a technical issue and should be resolved by the end of June or sooner....we hope. You can, however, continue to get local programming on Channel 15 though WaveBroad Band's cable service. SCAN-TV is actively looking for Adult Volunteers. We have a varietly of needs at SCAN-TV and could use your help. Perhaps you are retired and would like to use your Video, Sound, Photography, Composition, Organization skills to help make SCAN-TV more productive. There are so many tasks at a TV Station like SCAN-TV that are just waiting for right person to come along and take them on. This last year we have produced over 120 productions and the number can continue to increase if we have the support staff to do it. Don't be shy, come and test the waters. If you like to be creative then this is the place for you. You can call me, Gary Marshall at 503-991-6407 or click on the contact link on the upper left menu. For the first time in SCAN-TV's history we have successfully broadcast all of Silverton High School's home Football games live. That's right, LIVE! Now that football season is over we soon will be focusing our attention on basketball and wrestling. If you can't make it to the game(s) and have access to Silverton's Cable network then tune in to SCAN-TV on channel 15 and watch the game. Check our programming guide for date and time of broadcast. If you do not have access to cable, then no problem, catch the game live on this website. If for some reason you missed the game altogether then no problem. The game is recorded on DVD and you can puchase your own copy for onlly $10. Just contact Gary Marshall at

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